Niche job portal inspiration

50 niche job board examples for inspiration

When creating a successful job board you can try and target the right unsaturated segment. Lacking ideas? Have a look at 50 niche job boards we hand-picked for your inspiration. Some of them might be missing in your country, so you can use the concept and fill in the market gap.

From industry-specific listings to those that rely on unique concepts, here is our ultimate list that might include your industry field and interest.


Banking and Financial

Creative design

  • Coroflot – helps creative professionals
  • Creative Heads  video Game, Animation, TV & Film, 3D Technology & Software Tools industries
  • Krop – top talent in Creative/Design
  • Authenticjobs – another well established place for creative minds





Marketing and Advertising


  • Career Center – offering jobs from the legislation industry
  • EmplawyerNet – is home to the legal profession’s best job database
  • LawCrossing – offers the largest collection of active legal jobs in the world
  • LawJobs – is the most targeted interactive network for legal job candidates, employers and recruiters



Project Management

  • – Pmjobs
  • Project Management Institute – Pmi



  • Culintro – restaurant jobs
  • ShiftGig – another example from restaurant industry


  • SalesGravy – B2B Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals
  • SalesJobs – is the largest sales employment site in the world
  • MedReps – medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales Reps

Seasonal jobs

Taxi Driving

Tech and Programming


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