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Code structure

SJS code structure

Website runs on PHP & MySQL in the back and HTML / CSS / JS in the frontend, using the SMARTY templating engine. It follows it’s own small Model-View-Controller design pattern. Folder structure overview:

  • root folder contains the installer, website router index.php and all the ajax-call PHP files
  • sjs-admin  admin controllers and templates
  • blog  website blog related files
  • _cache – main settings, translations and SEO storage
  • _config – website config
  • controllers – PHP processing of the templates, works with the DB
  • _lib – website classes
  • _tools – website translations, cron job scripts
  • _tpl – website templates. To create your custom theme, create a folder and change the main settings in admin
  • js – website assets and libraries
  • plugins – additional functionality
  • uploads – website uploads – images, logos, invoices, resumes

Download SJS HERE