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Customization guide

1. Choose the job board skin

In SJS Admin / Customizer / Color customizer you can fast & easily change job board theme colors by selecting it from color picker.

2. Mailer setup

For the job alert, contact form, job application and recruiter notification emails to work you have to setup the mailer. As with every other websites – you have to connect SMTP / your existing email account so that they will be sent reliably. Guide below explains how to setupthe  emails in the job board.


3. Logo & icons

Recommended checklist to setup all site logos:

a) main logo – settings / look & feel

b) company default logo – same section

c) social media icons  – same section. If left empty they won’t be shown

d) invoice logo (if using full version – settings / invoicing). Please do not use space in image name e.g. “My logo.png”, use “My_logo.png” instead

e) social media share image (Fb, Google+ etc) – need to upload new file via file manager. Name / size = “share-image.png [1200×630]”

f) fav icons – need to upload new file via file manager. Name / size = “fav.png [square], fav-ios.png [square], fav-startup.png [320×480]”

SJS Customizer offers an option to change background and subheader images, adjust logo size and position or add your custom CSS styles.

4.  Landing page CMS

SJS customizer provides an option to manage content of the landing page. if you wish to hide the page and display jobs straight away, you can change the “SJS Admin -> Settings -> Look & Feel – HOMEPAGE IS LANDING PAGE” option.

5. Change the job board language

How to activate other language instead of English? In your hosting file manager open”_config/config.envs.php” and change the line:

‘lang_code’ => ‘xy

Place one of the existing language codes available (“hi”, “de”, “es”, “pr”, “fr”, “cz”, “sk”, “ru”, “cn”) or your new language code if you created one. Save the file and reload the job board it will run new language. All words and phrases in the job board can be translated in the SJS Admin -> Translations section.

6. Adding new language

Need to use / import new language? Read the


7. Static pages

Manage page content, links and order. There is a possibility to switch the mode and create an external page, pointing to your existing content / site. Be careful when deleting at the moment there is no autosave you might loose the page content.

8. Set up job categories, locations and types

Beware of the permalink / URL format. Write these in lowercase without spaces and special characters. Users who wish to use the “State / City” or “County / Town” locations format can do so by following our MULTI-LOCATION SETUP GUIDE guide.

There is also a bulk import feature where you can upload a CSV file with locations and insert hundreds of entries at the time with a button click.

CSV file content example A:

Los Angeles,

New York,


CSV file content example B:

Los Angeles, New York, Texas

You can add Google Maps location into your job postings.

To add a map these are the steps:

a) open and search for your location

b) click SHARE


c) click Embed a map, select the size and copy the HTML code


d) in SJS data feeder or company job posting – click on “Insert -> Media (or Video)” and paste the HTML code and that’s it

We are planning to connect Google Maps location to SJS location so all maps will be displayed automatically without manually adding them.

9. Setup data feeder

Data feeder allows you to populate job board with data. You can post jobs, create company and candidate profiles (premium) fast. Jobs posted belong to the administration profile (company). Edit the details to match yours.


a) Step 1 – change the email. Here all the job applications and resumes will be sent to.


a) Step 2 – via “Admin -> Companies -> Detail” login into the dashboard area and change the company details. Employer name should be left to “Admin”. It won’t be shown but it is a reference that indicates that this is the main administration profile.


10. Use SJS Cleaner

Deactivate / delete expired jobs (depending on your settings) and job board data to keep your database lean. If you are technically advanced you can schedule an automated cron job for this task. Read how to setup an automated maintenance below.

11. Send manual job alerts

If you already use some third party service transactional email provider in “SJS Admin -> Susbcribers” section you can export the mailboxes into CSV, import it into the provider’s and send users custom promotional or job alert messages.

12. Setup automatic job alerts

In order to send emails reliably the mailer setup in step 1 should be completed first. How job alerts work? Candidates sign up for the categories of their interest (eg. web design, programming etc) – and receive latest job offers straight into their mailbox. You will need to schedule a cron job (automatic task) that will send these emails.

a) open Cron scheduler in the hosting panel of your provider and add new Cron that will run every 15 minutes – job alert script that we prepared sends only 4 emails at the time so if you schedule it to run every 15 minutes it will send 96 emails in a day – 672 emails in a week (if you grow your site and get more than 672 subscribers follow steps below). This keeps the SMTP limit that is setup by most free providers like Google Gmail which prevents to send more than 100 emails per day.


b) In the cron job add the following URL to be executed ““. This is a script that we prepared for job alert.

c) Need to send more emails? Change the job alert script. Open, find “$EMAILS_IN_BATCH = 4” and change the number to what you need. Or increase periodicity of the cron job.

For hosting clients we set this up & maintain.

13. Setup automatic maintenance

There is also the maintenance script that can run once a day and deactivate (or delete) old / expired jobs – an equivalent of manual “SJS CLEANER”. Repeat the steps from section above – create new Cron task that will run once a day and execute “” URL. For hosting clients we set this up & maintain.

14. Activate the license

Users with complete job board version should activate their license in SJS Admin / Updates section, in order to receive updates, notifications and product support. You can read more about updates here.

15. Source code structure

Planning to develop custom features or change something in the code? A look at the CODE STRUCTURE might help.
Did not find something? Type in your question into chat. We will get back to you.
Premium plugins setup
Users with the license can learn how to setup the website payment & Indeed in PLUGINS guide.

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