Frequently asked questions


Installation (2)

Job board pages and admin section gives me 404 or HTTP 500 eror
Visit INSTALL ISSUES FIXES page to see steps how to resolve common problems.
I installed script into a subfolder as ( and it gives me URL problems
Job board does not support running from a subfolder. If you want to keep your main domain ( better option is to install SJS into its own public_html folder and create a subdomain ( pointing to the folder.

Customization (3)

How to change landing page content?
Via file manager in the “_tpl/default/index.tpl” file. For the moment it is an HTML template but we work on CMS editing from the admin.
How to change logo styles and background images?
In Admin -> Custom CSS section.  Mind the /** BRACKETS */ by default the code is commented out.
Can I customize the design, develop custom features or change the source code?
There are no limitations associated with the source code users can edit it, develop custom features or customize the design for their projects. More information can be found in our T&C’s

General (6)

Are there any live websites using SJS?
I locked myself out of the admin. How to restore the access?
Reset your password directly in the database. Steps:

a) open phpMyAdmin and look for the “admin” table

b) click edit, type in your new password and select a “MD5()” function from the functions list. Then save.

After this you will be able to access the admin with your new password selected.

When I subscribe to job alert or sign up as employer I do not receive any email
You need to configure website mailer first. Please see MAILER TUTORIAL
Can I use SJS on my custom domain without any reference to the product?
SJS is a turnkey solution and was created to be “yours”. You can run the board with your brand, job types, categories, language and content freely. 
How does the product support work
To learn about our support your can read PRODUCT SUPPORT pages.
How to test my mailer setup?
a) turn on the debug mode. Open “_config/config.envs.php” and change:

‘ini_error_reporting’ => 1,
‘ini_display_errors’ => ‘On’,

c) paste the code below into e.g. “index.php” and save (you might need to change the quotes after copying):

$DEBUG_EMAIL = “[email protected]“;
$transporter = Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance($settings[“mailer_smtp_host”], $settings[“mailer_smtp_port”], $settings[“mailer_smtp_secure_connection_prefix”])

$mailer = Swift_Mailer::newInstance($transporter);

$message = Swift_Message::newInstance(“Email debugging”)
->setBody(“Example debug text body”);

$result = $mailer->send($message);
var_dump($result); die();

Replace orange with your email. Reload the web. “bool(1)” on the screen means emails setup is correct and it works. Otherwise you will see the exact problem / reason why it is not working.


Plugins (1)

I need help with Indeed or PayPal setup
Visit our PLUGIN SETUP section to find tutorials.


Download SJS HERE