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General enquiries (10)

Job board features bullet-points summary?
# job posting & moderation
# candidate profiles, single click application & CV database
# company profiles, candidate tracking & statistics
# complete website content management – job types, categories, locations, companies, candidates, news
# job alerts & newsletter
# subscription functionality
# mobile responsive design
# landing page
# integrated blog
# Ajax search
# responsive emails
# PayPal payment gateaway & company invoices
# banner & Google Adsense manager
# highlight / premium jobs
# SEO manager
# Indeed jobs integration
# website translations
# favourite jobs shortlisting
User reviews?
I am non-technical. Can I get a hosted solution with everything included? What would be the cost?
Yes, job board hosting with everything included takes 24 hours to setup and costs $3.25 / month.
What are main advantages of using the Simplejobscript job board?
The free version saves users a lot of time and resources when starting a job listing website. Taking into consideration a fact that one web development hour cost about $20, and it would take a lot of hours to develop a job board from scratch. On our site you can get your job board for free or purchase a complete solution that comes with unbeatable pricing in the industry. For a small fee users get a lifetime license with an access to the source code. You can change the website according your needs and it is quite straightforward to develop your own custom features. We try to deliver great value, helpful support and maintain an honest relationship with all of our users.
What are the drawbacks of using the Simplejobscript job board?
If users want to proceed with major customizations and changes on their job board doing it themselves, they need to have a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. As this is not a drag and drop solution. This is of course a common fact, when operating a website and for less technically keen users, we offer service and development packages.
I do not know how to do the installation can I get any help?
For a fee of $10 we provide a full installation service. On our website you can find complete installation instructions on how to setup your job board up and running.
I saw ads in the demo do I have to display your ads when using the product?
No. Advertisement in the demo serves only as an example. You do not need to show any ads and if you choose to do so, you display your own ads, not ours.
What if something breaks on my website?
Users are solely responsible for their websites and we offer them our support. If you find any problems with the job board contact our tech team. We maintain certain level of quality of this product and we will always help and fix any problems, that might occur. Unless the problem has been caused by misuse of the software and customizations.
What is the difference between basic and complete version of the product?
When you get the complete version and exclude all the premium plugins, that is the basic version of the job board. It is free to download and use, so users can try it out.
How job alerts work?
Job seekers subscribe for job alerts and pick job categories of their interest. Once a week newsletter script picks up the latest jobs and sends an email out to all the subscribers.

Online marketing (1)

How do I promote my website?
We recommend our users to approach growing their traffic organically over the period of time. It is a good idea to simply offer job ads for free in the beginning and give companies options that will bring value into their business. Start posting these jobs on social media and attract user base that is interested in your niche job segment. Once you grow your audience and have people coming to your website, you have successfully connected both sides of the marketplace. Users with funds to invest can run marketing campaigns and attract visitors by different ad channels.

Premium plugins (1)

How to setup Indeed to pull specific jobs?

  1. sign up for Indeed Publisher Program at, get your Publisher ID KEY and save it inside the Indeed settings of our job board
  2. set your default location and country. Location and country cannot be different, if you setup a country to “us” and location to “Paris” it will not work as it is in contradiction. Location has to be located within the country.
  3. set the types of jobs you want to pull. This is done by the “Default query” field. When left empty, Indeed will pull all kinds of jobs. When you enter a specific query e.g. “Web Developer”, “Medical Intern”, “Customer Support” it will return results in your niche, relevant to your job board. Have a look at You can test your searches in here and see the results returned. Once satisfied, save the search settings into your job board, to get the same results.
  4. there are 3 modes of the job board -> you can show a) only database jobs, b) only Indeed jobs, c) both database & Indeed jobs. When showing only Indeed jobs, users are able to filter Indeed API directly from your job board. You can also setup your own custom filters for locations & job types.


Job board functionality (10)

When installing, I get a permissions not set correctly error. What should I do?
You simply need to right click on the relevant folder and change the permission numbers. You can read more about this on how to setup permissions.
After admin login I get a white screen how to solve this?
These are the first-aid general recommended steps when you encounter any issue:

a) open your browser developer tools and look for any Javascript errors, that can indicate where the problem might be

b) check your web server error logs

c) open “_config/config.envs.php” and turn on the debug mode:

‘ini_error_reporting’ => 1,
‘ini_display_errors’ => ‘On’,

d) check if the .htaccess file is in its place.

If you are not able to resolve your problems drop us a message so we can assist.

I installed the script, but images are not showing up and the designs / graphics seem to be not working.
Most probably you have installed the website into a subfolder so your job board is unable to resolve URL paths to resources like images and styles. When you want to use a subfolder for your main project like “”, the easiest way is to install the job board into top level folder and point a subdomain to it like “”.
I do not need a blog with my job board, how to remove it?
You can activate / deactivate the blog via the “Settings -> Main settings -> Blog” switch.
How to access the blog and create posts?
Login into “” (admin/admin). In this administration area you can manage the blog.
How do I change language of my website if it is not english?
Do you need German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Czech, Hindi, Russian or Chinese translation? These are already included! Just open “_config/config.envs.php” end set your language code. Example: ‘lang_code’ => ‘xy’, where xy is the code of your language (“de”, “es”, “pr”, “fr”, “cz”, “hi”, “ru” or “cn” for the above). Need another language? Have a look into customization guide. First option is to log in into admin and translate the texts directly. Second option is to navigate into “_tools/translations/src/language_code”. You can create your complete translation and import it into the website.
Job board is working, but after clicking the job detail I get web server error
Check if .htaccess file is present and your web server is pointing to your website correctly.

Try to download the .htaccess file again from here and reupload the file into public_html / root of your project.

Then test the site again. Try to avoid subdirectories and complicated setups, keeping it simple.

When contact form on my job board gets submitted, what email address will receive the message?
In “admin -> Settings -> Mailer Settings” you can find a field “ADMIN EMAIL”. This is the website contact email, you will receive the messages to
How do I make emails to work on my job board?

Open Admin -> settings -> mailer settings and setup the “Admin Email” address. Here you will receive mails from the contact form. From this email address the candidates and employers will receive all the website messages. If you enable SMTP, they will start receiving emails from “SMTP username” email address, as SMTP will serve as a transfer agent. Enable SMTP so job board will use it instead of PHP mail() function, enter your credentials and hit “Save”.

Emails are important because both employers and candidates need to receive notification from your site. You can setup your emails in the admin area. Enter your SMTP details and after test it out (eg. subscribe to your site). If you wish to send a newsletter to your users, you have two options how to make this work. First one is to export a complete CSV file list of email addresses of your subscribers. In admin section click the button “Export to CSV” and download your file. You can import this file into and send it with any transactional email provider. Second option is to schedule automatic cron job either on your server, or use online cron job service provider (if you have shared hosting they might not allow an action such as sending 200 emails per day so you have to set it up elsewhere). There is automatic newsletter script located in “_tools/cron_weekly_newsletter.php”. It takes list of subscribers and their categories of interest, fetches the latest jobs from the last week, and sends out a newsletter. 

How can I debug the emails to find out what is the problem?
a) first turn on the debugging. Open “_config/config.envs.php” and change following lines:

‘ini_error_reporting’ => 1,
‘ini_display_errors’ => ‘On’,

b) setup your email settings in Admin / Settings -> Mailer Settings and hit “clear cache” option after [rop right menu]

c) Open “index.php” and after the libraries are loaded enter the following code:

$transporter = Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance($settings[“mailer_smtp_host”], $settings[“mailer_smtp_port”], $settings[“mailer_smtp_secure_connection_prefix”])

$mailer = Swift_Mailer::newInstance($transporter);

$message = Swift_Message::newInstance(“Email debugging”)
->setBody(“Example debug text body”);

$result = $mailer->send($message);
var_dump($result); die();

Save the file and reload your job board. If you see on the screen “bool(true)” it means emails are working properly. Otherwise you will see the exact problem / reason why it is not working. Usually either SMTP credentials are incorrect, or SMTP server does not allow third party apps to use its service.

Job board customization (13)

The job board is green I want a blue colored design.
There are multiple color options to choose from. Download new designs from the free themes section.
How do I change the content of landing page?
Open “_tpl/{theme}/index.tpl” and change your texts / images.
I changed my logo but it doesn't fit it is too big
You have 2 options how to make your new logo to fit the design.

a) transform your logo – make it smaller or bigger and remove the background color (make it transparent)

b) change the logo size with custom CSS in Admin. Click top right menu item “CUSTOM CSS” and enter the style adjustment. Example to move logo more into top:

img.logo {margin-top: -5px !important;}

Save the change and clear the cache. Follow our blog tutorial How to make the logo to fit properly to see how you can make graphic improvements and make your logo more visually appealing.

How to make the job ad to expire in 90 days? Instead of 30 days by default.
Open Main settings and set the “job_expires” field. Users with older version of SJS published before 07/08/2016 can follow our tutorial blog post to read how you can change this easily.
How do I change static pages? Like contact us?
In the admin you can create new, delete old and edit current pages of your site. You also set the order in which links appear in the front end. To change the main content of the static page, you have to however edit the file itself via file manager. This is because there is a functionality and templating engine involved in the process. So when editing a “contact” page, simply open file “_tpl/{theme}/static/static_contact.tpl” and put your content in. You can reorganize the structure and use custom HTML/CSS if you want to. When creating new static page, site generates new file on server automatically.
How do I change social media links?
Set your links to social media sites in the admin settings.
How do I change a fav icon?
Create new fav icons with same name and copy them into the public folder of your project. There are 3 fav icons:

a) fav.png (web favicon) – recommended square size [50×50 px]

b) fav-ios.png (apple devices) [152×152 px]

c) fav-startup.png (Android and other mobile devices) [320×480 px]
How do I change company/employer details?
In the admin section you can find all companies registered with your website. With a button click, you can sign into their account, and change their logo / details, or deactivate the account completely. In this section you can also find all invoices from the purchases, which companies have made.
How to show my Adsense code between XY ads?
By default, the adsense is displayed in between every 10 ads. To change this, enter your custom number into the Adsense plugin settings.
When posting premium job, there is a link to description page. How do I edit this page?
Open “_tpl/{theme}/premium.tpl” and change your texts / images.
When a candidate applies for a job, I want the employer to receive his application and CV attachment in an email sent. So he does not need to log in into the website to get the application details.
Good news. This is already happening :)
Is there a way to limit the number of Indeed job postings?
Yes, you can set the number of Indeed jobs displayed by amending the “Admin -> Settings -> SEARCH / PAGINATION SETTINGS -> JOBS PER PAGE” field.
How to change the texts and messages on the website? How to change the email templates and autoresponders?
These can be changed in “Admin -> Translations -> Edit Translation” section. Search for the text you wish to amend, rewrite it and hit clear the cache after.

Download Simplejobscript HERE