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General enquiries (12)

Are there any production job boards using the software that can be viewed online?
I installed SJS-BASE but I do not see the candidates login or sign up in the menu. Why is that?
Candidate profiles along with Indeed jobs, Ads manager, PayPal payment and other premium plugins are not included in the free version. In order to keep the project alive we had to offer and monetize additional useful addons. If you wish to remove the “Powered by SJS” footer credit and include all the full features you will need to update the base version into a full product.
Job board features bullet-points summary?



User reviews?
I am non-technical. Can I get a hosted solution with everything included? What would be the cost?
Yes, job board hosting with everything included takes 24 hours to setup and costs $3.25 / month.
I do not know how to do the installation can I get any help?
If the installation tutorial did not help for a fee of $10 we offer a full installation service.
I saw ads in the demo do I have to display your ads when using the product?
No. Advertisement in the demo serves only as an example. You do not need to show any ads and if you choose to do so, you display your own ads, not ours.
What does the technical support for products include?

Free version of the job board does not include any human support hours. We receive high volume of requests and it would be not possible nor business viable to offer free support services in such a case.

When users purchase one of our premium plugins or the full job board product they are entitled for technical support. If the customer experiences any technical problem with the product that has been not caused by his own code customizations or software misuse our development team will assist and fix such issues. Support period and bug fixing takes 1 – 3 days to complete, depending on the level of complexity.

With premium product license users are entitled to no more than 20 minutes of communication with the technical support team. Although we are always happy to help, by offering more free support hours we would be not able to maintain a cheap and affordable pricing structure that we offer our customers.

Users can purchase additional support, consultation or development time on a pay as you go basis for a flat rate of $25 / hour.

What does the hosting include?
You can read the full service description at Terms and Conditions page, section “Service overview and hosting support”.
How job alerts work?
Job seekers subscribe for job alerts and pick job categories of their interest. Once a week newsletter script picks up the latest jobs and sends an email out to all the subscribers.

Online marketing (1)

How do I promote my website?
We recommend our users to approach growing their traffic organically over the period of time. It is a good idea to simply offer job ads for free in the beginning and give companies options that will bring value into their business. Start posting these jobs on social media and attract user base that is interested in your niche job segment.

Once you grow your audience and have people coming to your website, you have successfully connected both sides of the marketplace. Users with funds to invest can run marketing campaigns and attract visitors by different ad channels.

Job board functionality (8)

When installing, I get a permissions not set correctly error. What should I do?
You simply need to right click on the relevant folder and change the permission numbers. You can read more about this on how to setup permissions.
After admin login I get a white screen how to solve this?
These are the first-aid general recommended steps when you encounter any issue:

a) open your browser developer tools and look for any Javascript errors, that can indicate where the problem might be

b) check your web server error logs

c) open “_config/config.envs.php” and turn on the debug mode:

‘ini_error_reporting’ => 1,
‘ini_display_errors’ => ‘On’,

d) check if the .htaccess file is in its place.

If you are not able to resolve your problems drop us a message so we can assist.

I installed the script, but images are not showing up and the designs / graphics seem to be not working.
Most probably you have installed the website into a subfolder so your job board is unable to resolve URL paths to resources like images and styles. When you want to use a subfolder for your main project like “”, the easiest way is to install the job board into top level folder and point a subdomain to it like “”.
How do I change language of my website if it is not english?
Do you need German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Czech, Hindi, Russian or Chinese translation? These are already included out of the box. Just open “_config/config.envs.php” end set your language code. Example: ‘lang_code’ => ‘xy’, where xy is the code of your language (“de”, “es”, “pr”, “fr”, “cz”, “hi”, “ru” or “cn” for the above).
Job board is working, but after clicking the job detail I get web server error
Check if .htaccess file is present and your web server is pointing to your website correctly.

Try to download the .htaccess file again from here and reupload the file into public_html / root of your project.

Then test the site again. Try to avoid subdirectories and complicated setups, keeping it simple.

When contact form on my job board gets submitted, what email address will receive the message?
In “Admin -> Settings -> Mailer” you can find a field “ADMIN EMAIL”. This is the email that will receive messages submitted by contact form
How do I make emails to work on my job board?
This topic has been covered in the installation guide, part 3. 
How can I debug the emails to find out what is the problem?
a) first turn on the debugging. Open “_config/config.envs.php” and change following lines:

‘ini_error_reporting’ => 1,
‘ini_display_errors’ => ‘On’,

b) setup the Mailer in Admin / Settings -> Mailer Settings

c) Open “index.php” and after the libraries are loaded enter the following code (after pasting it, replace the quotes – “” as they have a different encoding):

$DEBUG_EMAIL = “[email protected]“;
$transporter = Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance($settings[“mailer_smtp_host”], $settings[“mailer_smtp_port”], $settings[“mailer_smtp_secure_connection_prefix”])

$mailer = Swift_Mailer::newInstance($transporter);

$message = Swift_Message::newInstance(“Email debugging”)
->setBody(“Example debug text body”);

$result = $mailer->send($message);
var_dump($result); die();

Replace orange email address with your testing email. Save the file and reload the job board home. If you see on the screen “bool(1)” it means emails are working properly. Otherwise you will see the exact problem / reason why it is not working. Usually either SMTP credentials are incorrect or SMTP server does not allow third party apps to use its service. Less often problem might occur when a hosting provider is explicitly blocking the SMTP connection port.

Job board customization (7)

The job board is green I want a blue colored design.
Open Admin -> Custom CSS and customize the color scheme step by step
How do I change the content of landing page?
Open “_tpl/{theme}/index.tpl” and change your texts / images.
I changed my logo but it doesn't fit it is too big
 Correct the styles in Admin -> Custom CSS section. Click top right menu item “CUSTOM CSS” and enter the style adjustment. Example to move logo more into top:

img.logo {margin-top: -5px !important;}

Save the changes and clear the cache.

How to make the job ad to expire in 90 days? Instead of 30 days by default.
Open Main settings and set the “job_expires” field.
How do I change company details?
In Admin -> Companies -> Detail you can manage the company access level, delete it, view invoices or “Login as this employer”. When you sign in as an employer, go to MY COMPANY and change any details needed.

Do not see the “Login as this employer” link? First you have to confirm the company for this link to appear.

How to change strings, wording and email templates?
Open Admin -> Translations -> Edit Translation section and search for the text that you want to amend. After changes click away and clear the cache after to refresh templates with new translation.
Job detail question. In German I need to encode characters such as 'ü, ä, ö' into 'ue, ae, oe'. How to do it?

In “_lib/class.Job.php” the following line is responsible for creating the job detail URL:

$this->mUrlTitle = $sanitizer->sanitize_title_with_dashes($this->mTitle . $translations[‘website_general’][‘at’] . $this->mCompany);

To do the encoding, just replace each character before passing the job title into sanitize function. Example:

$encoded_job_title = str_replace(“ü“, “ue“, $this->mTitle);

$this->mUrlTitle = $sanitizer->sanitize_title_with_dashes($encoded_job_title . $translations[‘website_general’][‘at’] . $this->mCompany);

In English SJS is using the '2 days ago' format but in German I need to re-order it as 'ago 2 days / vor 2 Tage'. How ?

Open “_lib/functions.php” file and search for the line:

return $r . ‘ ‘ . ($r > 1 ? $a_plural[$str] : $str) . ‘ ‘ . DATE_STR_AGO;

change this to:

return DATE_STR_AGO . $r . ‘ ‘ . ($r > 1 ? $a_plural[$str] : $str);

Download Simplejobscript HERE