Set up your job board up and running

Installation guide

Upload files to server. Create DB and finish installation in the browser.

Step by step guide

1. Upload content of the “upload” folder to your server (public_html)

2. Create a database for the project and finish installation in the browser

Installer screen

Potential problems

If the installation did not work try to go over the next link. It includes possible scenarios and steps to fix them.


Steps to avoid

Installing SJS into a subfolder (eg. site.com/jobboard) – it has to have it’s own public_html. Better solution is to direct a subdomain (eg. jobs.site.com). IIS web server / Windows might also cause troubles.

Successful installation

To access the admin area go to “/sjs-admin” and login with “admin/admin”. To access the blog go to “/blog” and to login to the blog backend go to “/blog/admin.php” and login with “admin/admin”.


Once installed you can continue and learn how to customize the project.


SJS Web Server Config

Need to install SJS into a VPS with custom web server? Next link which provides default server blocks for Apache, NGINX and IIS might help.


Download SJS HERE