Adsense Manager

Google Adsense management feature. There are 4 main locations, where you can serve ads to the visitors. In between job listings, beneath the sidebar, under apply button in the job detail section and in the employer dashboard.

Please note that you need to run the latest SJS version in order for plugin to work correctly. With older versions please update first.


1. Upload content of the “upload” folder to your project
2. Open _config/config.envs.php and add your plugin -> e.g. ‘plugins’ => array(‘Adsense’)



1. Sign up with Google Adsense
2. Get the verification code, in cPanel file manager or via FTP open the job board header located in “_tpl/default/layout/1.5/sjs-header.tpl” and insert it before the </head> tag
3. Get your site reviewed. After approval you can add Adsense ads code in the Admin -> Adsense section.

Read official guide by Google.


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