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Plugin allows candidates to save their profiles when applying, so the next time they can apply with a single click of a button. They are granted access the dashboard area where they can manage their account. Recruiters see and filter new profiles in the CV database. This add-on brings great value to any job board project.

** UPDATE November 2016 – Charge recruiters a Fee to access CV database (Paypal plugin required along). Candidate registration page, job alert management, location and #skill tags added. Possibility to search CV database


a) Using another theme than default? In “upload/_tpl” replace “THEME_NAME” with your current THEME name
b) Upload content of the “upload” folder to your project.
c) Open _config/config.envs.php and add your plugin:


‘plugins’ => array(‘Profiles’)

  1. Hi
    Can we have forms where candidates can make their profile by filling their name , mobile number & giving more information about them by entering pre specified check boxes, radio buttons & drop down lists.

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