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Launch your professional niche job board hassle free. SJS speaks German, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Czech and Slovak.

Download and give it a go or see the full version DEMO online.


1. Copy content of “upload” folder to your server

2. Folder permissions should be all setup by default, writable by the web server.
Try to open your website in browser, installer will test the permissions and tell you if you need to change them. Permission Rules: all folders should be 755, except: “_cache/”, “_config/config.envs.php”, “_tpl/”, “uploads/”, “blog/content”, “sjs-admin/_tpl/_cache” – all these folders should be permitted to 777

3. Create database for your project and finish the installation in the browser. For the App Url, use your domain without http (eg. “” or “localhost”)


We are looking for Polish job board translation. If you contribute and translate SJS into your language – its 500 lines of short texts, we will send you a complete solution with premium plugins for free. Get in touch for more info.


problems with INSTALLATION? Let us do the job for you and order our service.

  1. What’s the detailed comparison chart between Free and Complete version?

    Also, how much is the complete version, the item description 45 dollars but the button says 20 dollars?


    • Basically you can look at all the premium plugins, and exclude them from the basic version. That is the difference between basic and a complete product. Description says it is a value of $45, but the price is discounted at $20 for the moment.

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  • Version: 1.2
  • Tech requirements PHP 5+ with mod_rewrite and GD enabled, MySQL 4.1+, Apache, Nginx or IIS web server
  • License: MIT