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Start taking payments on your website with PayPal Express Checkout and generate custom invoices for your clients. Plugin allows your customers to download invoices of any purchases in a nice and easy way. This add-on is a huge asset for the job board website and a first step towards project monetization. Along with the Profiles plugin you can charge companies to access CV / Resume database. There are 3 payment modes available:

# free mode

# fees mode

# pricing plans mode.

You can read about different pricing structures and business models you can create in the PAYMENT SETUP GUIDE.


1. Upload content of the “upload” folder to your project
2. Open _config/config.envs.php and add your plugin -> e.g. ‘plugins’ => array(‘Paypal’)


Read the full tutorial.

1. Choose a pricing structure

2. Connect PayPal account

3. Fill in your invoice / business details and start earning

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