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Start taking payments on your website with PayPal Express Checkout and generate custom invoices for your clients. Plugin allows yours customers to download invoices of any purchases in a nice and easy way. You can set your own invoice logo and details. This add-on is a huge asset for the job board website and a first step towards project monetization.

# UPDATE November 2016 – Charge recruiters a Fee to access CV database (Profiles plugin required along)


1. Upload content of the “upload” folder to your project.
2. Open _config/config.envs.php and add your plugin -> e.g. ‘plugins’ => array(‘Paypal’)


1. Set your pricing – premium ad fee, standard job ad fee [or free]

2. Connect your PayPal account / credentials. [Click HERE to find out how to get PayPal API credentials]

3. Fill in your invoice details / address. Set your logo and double check if the PayPal processing URL is correct [same like your domain]

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