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How to connect to the hosting

Clients that host with us receive (S)FTP & database access and can connect in the following ways:

1) Connecting to access job board files

Our servers use SFTP (secure FTP) protocol to accept connections. We recommend using FTP client such as FileZilla. In this article we briefly show an example how to access the hosting via FileZilla client.

a) open FileZilla and click File -> Site Manager. Or you can click Site Manager icon.



b) Click on New Site and insert your connection details. We send all credentials in the deployment email.


c) Once connected you will be able to download / upload / edit your website files just like in a standard file manager. There are 2 main folders. Public_html folder contains website files and images. BACKUPS folder contains the most recent file & database backup of your site. We run daily automatic backups to keep your data safe. You can download these and store in your local machine or make manual backup if needed.

2) Connecting to the database to access job board data

In case you want to access the job board database data you can do so by connect into phpMyAdmin with your login details.

Download SJS HERE