Add new language into SJS

How to import new language

1. Easy way

The easiest way is to simply use existing English translation (or any other that is available) – and rewrite it word by word in the admin section.

2. Longer route

If you are more advanced in the technical field you can follow next steps and import new language

a) in the file manager open the “_tools/translations/src” folder


b) copy the “en” folder and paste it in here again. Duplicate it. Then rename it into your custom language code. Let’s say “xy”.

Go inside the folder you will see 2 files. One contains all the words / translations of the job boards. Second contains all the email templates.

You can go line by line, and translate the English into your language. Do not change the left side, only the right side of the string


free_trial = “Free trial translation in your lang”

Also do not change the {BRACKET} strings anywhere, even on the right side. These are dynamically replaced by PHP in the code.

Once you complete the translation, proceed to next step


c) open “_tools/translations/translations_in_db.php”. Comment out the die(); segment of the code and change the language code from “en” to “xy”.


d) next step will be to import this translation that you just created. You can open the “” link in your browser, the script will get executed, importing your language.


e) last step will be to activate your new language. Open “_config/config.envs.php” and change

‘lang_code’ => ‘en’,


‘lang_code’ => ‘xy’,

Save and reload the job board. It will run with new language.


Download SJS HERE