How to make the job ad expire in XY days?

How to make the job ad expire in 90 days? (not 30 days as default)

UPDATE – Since 07/08/2016 you can change the job ad expiration inside your admin area (main settings -> “job expires”). If you need to change the existing employer accounts, or you use the older version of SJS, follow the blog post below.

Every job ad, that is posted by employers is valid / live on the website for 30 days by default. But what if you want to run the ads live, for longer or a shorter period than this? In this quick example, I will explain how to change this number in your job board project. There are 2 ways of doing this:

1. Change / set custom expiry date for each employer specifically (Employer A will have job expiry date 90 days, Employer B 20 days, etc). This can be applied for employer accounts, that already exist. Steps:

a) open phpMyAdmin / your database management program. Open table “employer” and edit the desired entry. Set “job_period” field to the number you want to use for your project. See the screenshot illustration on the image below.



b) after this change, employer will post ads for XY days, according number you have specified

2. Change job period for all employers with one SQL statement. Open SQL tab in phpMyAdmin and enter the following query:

UPDATE `employer` SET job_period = XY

Replace XY with your number.

3. How to change the job period for all new employers, that will register in the future?

In SJS version published after 07/08/2016 this can be done in admin settings. In previous versions of SJS it can be done like this:

a) Open “index.php” and find (ctrl + F) “ACC_JOB_PERIOD” and “ACC_JOB_PERIOD_DEFAULT” constants. Change the default “30” number, to the one you need.

That’s it. Today I showed you, how to edit the job expiry date and make it custom for your job board project! Need to explain anything else? Drop us a message and we will do so.


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