Update a SJS project

How Updates Work

License information

Please note that free version of the software (SJS-BASE) is without any license and therefore there is no updater feature. With each new version of SJS users with base product would need to redownload the latest version. Full product (SJS-COMPLETE) comes with a license. When purchased it is valid for a lifetime. Users are entitled for the benefits summarized in the next section.

Why to Update?

Licensed job boards receive new version notifications, bug fixes and technical support in case of a problem.  We develop & keep the project compatible with latest web browser and libraries updates. In order to keep your job board secure and stable we recommend updating it when you receive an update notification.

Update management

See the Admin -> Updates section of the job board. Add your license key and receive an immediate license status.


With each new version there will be a notification.


Update process

Each update provides a description about what it contains along with instructions how to to patch your project. The steps required are always:

a) download the update, extract the folder and upload the content of the “upload” folder into your SJS project

b) optionally from time to time there may be a database update. In this case users have to open phpMyAdmin or other database management tool and run

a simple SQL command.

Download SJS HERE