Customize Indeed to your niche

Indeed configuration guide

Indeed jobs backfill setup

Indeed requires you to set default keywords that will be displayed when you activate the plugin. We already setup them in the product so it works but our settings might not match your niche so you will most likely want to change them. An easy way how to find jobs you want to display is to search Indeed on their own site and get jobs that you want to pull into your own job board. Let’s say you want to include all jobs related to the homecare because that is your job board niche. You can:

a) search the homecare keywords on Indeed

b) once you get satisfactory job results you can save the exact searched keywords into your SJS Indeed admin configuration.

Example: Finding keywords related to the Homecare industry. After setting up the same in SJS. Users who open the job board can see the homecare industry jobs by default, but they can also search & filter new Indeed jobs directly from your job board. On the job search page you can test & find your niche keywords by searching Indeed website.

Please note that city and country fields are required by Indeed so you have to enter these. Also if you enter country to “us” (United States) and city to “Paris” (France) it won’t work. City keyword has to logically match the country. City keyword can be in form of a postal code or a “city, state/province/region” combination. Country needs to be a two letter country code (eg. “uk”, “us”). All country codes can be seen on screenshots at the bottom of this article. If the job results are not being pulled – most likely settings setup are not precise or there are no results for the query.



Default keywords settings in SJS



It is not possible to pull and display jobs from multiple countries at the same time (neither it is on Indeed) but it is possible to search multiple countries / cities one at the time. You can create a list of countries and cities you want your users to search in Indeed -> Manage search settings section. For example you can get jobs for every state in the United States or jobs for different cities across the country.

Optional Indeed keywords

You can target a specific industry job segment and specify the roles within a unique niche. This can be done by the query field. When left empty, plugin will pull non-specific job results. When you enter a specific query e.g. “Web Developer”, “Medical Intern”, “Customer Support” it will return results in your niche, relevant only to the selected term. Additional optional fields include job type and job date.

 Filter sections

There are 3 sections in the job board that users can use to filter the database or Indeed job listings. Respectively:

1. homepage filter

2. searchbar filter

3. sidebar filters

Next image previews these locations.


Indeed job board modes

 There are 3 modes of the job board. You can display:

 1. Only database jobs – default mode. All three filter sections (homepage, searchbar & sidebar) reflect your database job search settings.

2. Only Indeed jobs – this option replaces sidebar and homepage filters with Indeed filters. Choose which fields will appear in the landing page dropdown – either countries or cities (setting shown on the image below).


3. Both database & Indeed jobs – both database & Indeed jobs will be searched & listed, with database jobs having a higher priority (also being present in all three filters). Indeed jobs will be a back-filling contentHere you have to bear in mind a fact that your database jobs locations might have a different structure than Indeed has – so when users search them Indeed may not bring back any results. To help Indeed match your database jobs better follow the next simple rule:

If database locations are countries -> set Indeed homepage dropdown search to “Countries”. If database locations are cities -> use “Cities” for Indeed. This way when users do a search they will get the most precise results. 

 Indeed filters


Indeed filter settings preview

In the Indeed -> Manage search section you can specify the filters you want to make available for the users to use.


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