How to resolve installation problems

Installation Issues Fixes

Database connection problem

Double check your MySQL connection details. Has the database been created? Does the database user have full permissions to work with the database table?

File permissions problem

During the installation, following folders need temporarily 777 full permissions:

a) _config/config.envs.php

b) _cache

c) sjs-admin/_tpl/_cache

d) _tpl/default/_cache

e) db

f) blog/content

g) uploads

In other words – these folders should be readable and writable by the web server. Follow link below to see a guide how to change them in cPanel.


Internal server error / 404

Server issue when accessing any other different URL than the homepage? Most likely – there is .htaccess file missing. It is a hidden file responsible to tell the server where to look for the templates. To remedy this issue download the .htaccess from HERE, reupload it into your public_html folder and extract. Try to reload the pages it should work.

Cannot access SJS admin

Website pages work but cannot access the admin area due to the internal server problem? Admin area has it’s own .htaccess as well. So download it from HERE, reupload to your public_html folder and extract. After try to reload the admin page it should work. If still not working, ask your hosting support whether their hosting enables users to use subfolder routing .htaccess – sometimes they restrict it and have to enable it manually.


Download SJS HERE