Update SJS to the latest version

Job Board Updates

How updates work

Since SJS 1.5 we launched a licensing system where each user that obtains the full product gets his own unique license key that is valid for 1 year. For this time he is eligible to download software updates and use the product standard support. After the license expires users can purchase a renewal in order to keep their job board project stable, safe and working with the latest browser and third party libraries updates .

For users that purchased the product after March 2017 and do not have the license, please contact our team – we will generate your license key so you can take advantage and obtain the updates.

Latest version

Current version: SJS 1.5

Next version: SJS 1.6 to be released in July 2018.

Change between 1.4 and 1.5 versions:

# complete product redesign.

Major changes between 1.4 and 1.0 versions:

5.7. 2016 – SJS 1.1 (companies management + invoiceses in the admin, candidates management, export subscribers to CSV, new themes, customization and design simplified, single click installation, VAT functionality added into payment and invoices)
25.7. 2016 – Indeed plugin
1.8. 2016 – translations bug fix
7.8 2016 – job expiration date and Adsense set up in admin
8.8 2016 – __DIR__ not working in PHP 5.2.17 fixed
7.10 2016 – third party libraries update
13.10 2016 – Dashboard translation
21.10 2016 – custom CSS from admin
24.10 2016 – company pages new layout
26.10 2016 – external static pages
30.10 2016 – candidate Skills & locaton added
4.11 2016 – pay to access resume database. Candidate profile registration
16.11 2016 – landing page job search
18.11 2016 – data feeder
1.12 2016 – basic chinese translation
7.12 2016 – Emails bug fix. Graphic enhancements
30.1 2017 – Candidate Resume / Cover letter upload
14.2 2017 – Data feeder
28.2 2017 – Candidate Skills
15.4 2017 – Design enhancement
15.5 2017 – Candidate social media links
9. 6 2017 – Pricing plans and packages payment options

Roadmap for 2018:

July: Landing page content management system

August – September: Social media registration option (Linkedin, Google+, Facebook)

End of the year: New Job Feed integration and new Payment system integration along PayPal

Update notifications

With each new version we send out a notification email to all existing users that purchased the SJS complete product.

There is a single renewal payment of $20 in order to obtain the latest product release.

How to update an existing SJS job board

Since SJS 1.5 users can obtain the update files (of SJS 1.6) by purchasing a renewal package and downloading the release. New files need to be simply copied into the project and update is completed. Run Admin -> Top menu -> Clear cache afterwards.

To update older versions below SJS 1.5 (1.4 … 1.0) the job board needs a fresh installation. This is due that some features and functionality did not exist at the time. To request the latest product version please contact our team.

To keep your existing data (jobs, company and candidate profiles etc.) below you can find instructions how to do the data migration.

SJS data migration

Whether updating older product version or moving to a different host with your SJS project, steps below will ensure a full transmission of your existing data. We recommend to always make a files & database backup before any important changes.

Data migration in 3 steps:

a) make a fresh SJS job board install of the updated / latest version (make sure to be able to access your old job board files & database)

b) copy paste the “uploads” folder from your old, existing project into new SJS installation. There are resumes, company profile logos, invoices, banner files and other important assets needed in the job board

c) open phpMyAdmin and export the following database tables from old SJS:

# applicant
# categories
# cities
# types
# employer
# companies
# jobs
# pages
# subscribers and subscriptions
# i18n_langs
# i18n_translations

Next import these into new SJS and your update is completed.

If you are not updating SJS and you simply want to migrate to other hosting – do not forget to change the job board URL in the “_config/config.envs.php” configuration file (eg. ‘prefix’ => ‘newjobboard.com’,) and also your job board site name in the admin area.

How to update SJS-BASE into SJS-COMPLETE full version

1. Obtain the full product from SJS complete

2. Upload content of the “upload-full” folder to your existing SJS-BASE project.

3. Open “_config/config.envs.php” and register plugins by changing the line:
‘plugins’ => array(‘Banners’, ‘Paypal’, ‘Adsense’, ‘Profiles’, ‘Indeed’, ‘Favorites’),

4. Done.

Download Simplejobscript HERE