Mailer Setup Guide

Mailer Setup Guide


You can use SMTP servers of ZOHO MailGmail, Elastic email or any other provider that offers free service. Alternatively connect your existing hosting email account.

Gmail setup example

1. Use Google Gmail or sign up for an account

2. Sign into your account and open following LINK. Enable this so that job board can connect and use your email

3. Open SJS Admin -> Settings -> Mailer. Enable SMTP and use these details:

Host name: smtp.gmail.com

Port: 465

Connection prefix: ssl

Username: your Gmail username

Password: your Gmail password

Test if it works

Register as an employer or sign up for job alerts. If you receive an email the setup has been successful. Otherwise proceed to next step.

Find out why it does not work

1. Connect to your hosting file manager. Open “_config/config.envs.php” and turn on debug mode:

‘ini_error_reporting’ => 1
‘ini_display_errors’ => ‘On’

2. Open “index.php” and insert the following code. It will use the mailer and display the result. Mind the quotes. You might need to rewrite them “” because of encoding.

$DEBUG_EMAIL = “[email protected]”;
$transporter = Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance($settings[“mailer_smtp_host”], $settings[“mailer_smtp_port”], $settings[“mailer_smtp_secure_connection_prefix”])

$mailer = Swift_Mailer::newInstance($transporter);

$message = Swift_Message::newInstance(“Email debugging”)
->setBody(“Example debug text body”);

$result = $mailer->send($message);
var_dump($result); die();

3. Save file and reload the job board homepage. If you see “bool(1)” it works. Otherwise it will tell you exact reason why it does not send the emails. Usually there are:

  • bad credentials
  • your SMTP does not enable the use (eg. with Gmail has to be turned on)
  • your hosting is blocking the SMTP port with Firewall – ask them if you experience issues

Gmail limits

Google limits the amount of mail a user can send per day to 99 emails. Once you grow your website we recommend signing up for advanced plan.

Branded domain emails

If you want to use a custom domain such as “[email protected]” instead of Gmail you can sign up for business emails or try out free service from Zoho Mail.

How to change email templates

In SJS Admin -> Translation section. Copy paste the content of email into external text editor – it will be easier to read. Once changed put it back. You can also use //require_once ‘_tools/email_debug.php’; directive that can be found in “index.php” file via file manager. When you uncomment it and setup your email in that file, save & reload the homepage you will receive all website emails at once. In case you want to do more advanced development and test email templates out.





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