Setup two level locations

Multi-location setup guide

Approx. 15 minute setup time


Can be seen on the image below:


Steps needed

To add a second level location turn “TYPE” (or “CATEGORY “) filter into a new field (eg. CITY). Job type seems to be less important and you can specify it for each job directly in the job’s description. Steps needed include changing the filter contentrenaming filter translations and reordering them (last is optional).

1. step – change filter content

In Admin -> Types (or Admin -> Categories) add cities you wish to display. In Admin -> Locations add states.

2. step – rename filters (job listing)

In Admin -> Translations -> Edit translations change “job_types” to “CITY” (or “jobs_categories” to “CITY”). Also change “cities” to “STATE”. What have we done? We translated the following:

“Types” (or “Categories”) -> “City”

“Location” ->”State”

Or put other custom names. After clear the SJS cache from the admin top right menu.

If you want to reorder the sections in the filter it can be done – but file manager / code access is needed. To do this, open “_tpl/default/snippets/sidebar-content.tpl”. You will see 3 HTML div sections. Take the second one that begins with “{if $dropdown_cats}” cut the whole section and paste it on top. This way we basically move the “CATEGORY” middle section to the first place.


3. step – rename filters (employer’s dashboard)

In translations change the “post_type_label” (or “post_category_label”) . This will make sure in the dashboard employers will see updated filters.

If you wish to re-order the filter it can be done in the “_tpl/default/dashboard/views/post-first-step.tpl” (for job posting) and “_tpl/default/dashboard/views/edit-job.tpl” (for job editing) files. After completing the steps above the job board should be smoothly running with new multi-location filter options.

4. step – rename admin panel (optional)

In “sjs-admin/_tpl/edit-post.tpl” you can replace the wording to match your setup (for job editing). In  “sjs-admin/_tpl/feeder-jobs.tpl”  (for data feeder section).



Download SJS HERE