SJS Features 2 Come

Product Roadmap

We develop the product to keep code quality, fix bugs, implement new features and improve the software. Below you can find a quick view into future of SJS – features that are about to come. Got an idea how to improve the product? What is missing and what should be changed? Drop us a message.


Future version features

  • SJS Customizer – color customization
  • candidate shortlisting
  • improve config settings (e.g. plugin registration and language) from admin
  • language switcher (dynamic in the frontend)
  • login / registration simplification for both employers & job seekers (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or email)
  • improve the locations (Google Maps & API connect)
  • SJS WordPress –  theme for users who wish to run a job board based on a popular blogging platform
  • new payment modules (Stripe, PayFast)

Ones near the top are of higher priority and will be implemented first.



Download SJS HERE