SJS Features 2 Come

Product Roadmap

We constantly work on the code quality to fix any bugs, implement new features and improve the software. Below you can find a quick view into future of SJS – features that are about to come. Got an idea how to improve the product? What is missing and what should be changed? Drop us a message.



There will be operational changes. We change the base country. This might shortly affect any new development for up to few months. Because of this we have setup each license to be valid for 2 years. To make sure users get new features when they come out.

Until end of the year we plan to launch the following:

  • landing / homepage CMS editing from admin
  • STANDARD / AJAX search switch – an option to turn on a more simple job filter search (eg. What? Where + clickable search options on the side)
  • search by salary slider
  • company tags
  • language switch (dynamic in the frontend)
  • candidate social media sign up (with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn)
  • SJS WordPress – we are developing a theme for users who wish to run a job board on a blogging platform


Future versions

Planned features

  • new job feed integrations – ZipRecruiter (possibly Career Builder, Monster)
  • new payment gateway (Stripe, PayFast)
  • SJS Customizer – design / clickable frontend customization from the admin
  • more options to import data in bulk
  • improving the locations (possibility to add via Google and search by radius)
  • better job application management
  • video tutorials & blog content
  • & more


Download SJS HERE