Ask SJS Team for Help

Product Support

Free version of the job board does not include any support due to the fact that we would not be able to answer all requests, offer free website and stay in operation.

1. Free support

Licensed job boards where the source code has not been changed (by development or custom design) are entitled to receive free support from our team as long as the project source code has not been changed and there is a technical problem. As some questions have been already answered and problems solved – to keep the workflow efficient before contacting please go over the next points:

a) if you have a problem with installation read INSTALL FIXES.

b) if you experience common issues with the customization see our SETUP GUIDE and help in FAQ.

c) if you have a problem with plugins take a look at PLUGIN SETUP.

d) job board updates questions are answered in SJS UPDATES.

If you have not found an answer to your problem open PRODUCT_SUPPORT.txt file included with your installation and follow the instructions to contact our team.

2. Additional support hours

Please note that the job board license covers only support related to bugs and technical problems. In order to continue product development and keep a low cost in the marketplace we are unfortunately not able to provide human support to answer general questions. Although we would be happy to help and assist each job board project due high amount of emails we can only answer the ones covered in paragraph 1. Users that want to communicate with our team, need help with installation, setup or custom features can order the INSTALL SERVICE

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