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Starting any new website is not an easy task and people often find it discouraging when they do not receive the results they set for themselves within first few weeks. In this post, I would like to gather few thoughts and resources for users to help them get more traffic, understand SEO and promote their website more effectively. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the aim is to get your website rank better in search engines.


1. Research keywords for your niche job board

Every web project starts with a domain name and this part is absolutely crucial, determining success or failure in the long run. It is impossible to compete with giant job boards like Indeed, so the best way to compete with them, is simply not to compete and focus on specific niche job area. Big players are covering the general industry segment, but they are not able to target local markets and specific industries. A lot of people search in Google specific keywords (eg. “Angularjs jobs”, “Medical jobs”, “Home assistant jobs” etc) for specific niche segements, so there will always be a space to enter and capitalize on this market.

Try to create your domain, consisting of keywords that people search for. Open Google’s KeyWordPlanner and analyze the market. What do people search for? Let’s take an example here. In 2016 cloud solutions are on the rise. For this reason server administration jobs are getting hot, simply because we use computers more and more and companies use more applications than ever before. So there is a need for workforce in this area. I personally find the DevOps segment as a very attractive one. DevOps stands for development and operations and it mainly covers related IT administration jobs. Let’s do a quick research of this segment. Open Google KeyWordPlanner and type in the niche you are shooting for.




Select your country, language and query the results. You will find a similar page like this:




Every month 480 people search for “DevOps jobs” and the market saturation is medium, which means the density of websites covering this segment can be increased. Even though the number is not high, when we look at search results for “devops” in general, we can see that almost 200 000 internet users search this area every month. That means this industry has a huge potential and it is very probable, that more and more people will start searching for DevOps jobs in the following months to come. To confirm this idea, we can open another tool like Google Trends to see general interest of people over certain period of time.




From 2010 the segment started to evolve and we can confirm it has an interest of people. For this reasons we can suggest that our niche job board, related to the DevOps jobs should make sense, with a probability to capitalize on this specific industry.


2. Main factor that will drive traffic to your job board

The most important thing to focus on when starting a website should always be the content and service that we deliver. Both job candidates and employers have to benefit from using it. Driving traffic to a site that does not offer any value will bring no results in the end. How to get candidates to use my job board? Simply help them find the right jobs that they are looking for. Post the best vacancies, promote that you work with best companies, start a social media network job feed, get more signups for email job alerts and send them latest opportunities and career tips. Do try to genuinely help them. In return, you will get the attention and traffic. And once you got one side of the marketplace, it is easy to connect the other. Advertise your job board and approach companies, say that you have XY monthly visits of specifically targeted industry professionals. Offer discount packages for recruiters. In the beginning you might also consider posting job ads on behalf of the companies, due to the fact that business people generally do not have enough time. To start a job board already backfilled with jobs you might consider looking at our Indeed plugin.


3. Do your SEO homework, or get it done for you

For keyword analysis you can also use tools from other companies such as Bing Keywords. After experiment and keyword research, select keywords that you want your job board to rank for. Try to include those keywords in your domain name, and also inject them into the website content as well (titles, blog posts, meta descriptions etc). Step by step, week by week, work on your ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO. Alternatively you can hire SEO freelancer from sites like Fiverr or hire a professional SEO company.


4. More resources

Users that want to seriously spread their internet marketing knowledge can get more info at Beginners guide to SEO, download Google’s SEO starter guide or watch SEO youtube course.


Final words

In this post we have briefly covered SEO basics that should help users to start their online journey. There are no shortcuts to success in online marketing. Every value must be paid for and those who keep trying will always reap what they have sown.


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