How To Update SJS 1.4 and Older Versions


If you run SJS 1.4 Complete  or lower (1.4 … 1.0) – your project will probably need a fresh re-installation. This is due that some features and functionality did not exist at the time and there was no updating system. As these versions are more than 1 year old each user was assigned an expired license and in order to obtain the latest product all users have to renew their license or purchase a new one. Currently we offer a 50% discount for all users with a complete SJS version older than 1.4. You can request your license discount by contacting us.

To keep your existing data (jobs, company and candidate profiles etc.) below you can find instructions how to migrate your data.


SJS data migration

Whether updating older product version or moving to a different host with your SJS project, steps below will ensure a full transmission of your existing data. We recommend to always make a files & database backup before doing any changes.



a) make a fresh SJS job board install of the updated / latest version (make sure to be able to access your old job board files & database)

b) copy & paste the “uploads” folder from your old, existing project into new SJS installation. There are resumes, company profile logos, invoices, banner files and other important assets needed in the job board

c) open phpMyAdmin and export the following database tables from old SJS:

# applicant
# categories
# cities
# companies
# employer
# jobs
# job applications
# pages
# subscribers
# subscriptions
# types
# i18n_langs (if you created new language)
# i18n_translations (if you used smth. else than English)

d) import these into new SJS and your update is completed.


Versions below 1.2 might come across one more obstacle that old tables will not match the structure of new tables. In this case you will first need to add new DB fields into old database before the export. We are working on a script that will do this automatically.

If you are not updating SJS and you simply want to migrate to other hosting – do not forget to change the job board URL in the “_config/config.envs.php” configuration file (eg. ‘prefix’ => ‘’,) and also your job board site name in the admin area.

Download SJS HERE