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SJS 1.66 update instructions

If updating from lower versions of SJS make sure to first download all the preceding updates.

1. How to update

Click on the “DOWNLOAD UPDATE” link below. Extract the archive and copy the content of “upload” folder into your project. Next open your database manager / phpMyAdmin and import or run updates.sql file.

2. Update features

  • GDPR – European Union data protection digital law support feature added (if not needed – for non EU website users, open “_config/constants.php” and set GDPR_ENABLED to “0”)
  • Feeder Jobs Bulk Import feature added
  • Footer pricing plan page changes according to the payment mode. With FREE mode page gets hidden (you can create custom new page if needed)
  • Invalid old file reference browser error fixed (customizer.css 404 not found)
  • Feeder admin company settings update bug fixed (previously linked to employer name caused issues when users changed it, now binded to id)
  • https:// SSL secure protocol in email incorrect website links bug fixed
  • Job locations bulk import feature now sets an upload limit to prevent database floods (currently set to 3MB – can be changed in _config/constants.php – “MAX_LOCATIONS_IMPORT_FILE_SIZE”)
  • Job application CAPTCHA verification bug fixed. When CAPTCHA activated – it got “hidden” in the job application modal window and blocked the application process (unless user clicked on “save profile”)
  • Homepage location search – command line SQL injection prevention
  • Dashboard job applications – command line SQL injection prevention
  • SJS Homepage customizer – when updating settings but not changing the “partners testimonial image” -> this image got “blank” / saved as an empty image – now fixed
  • Jobseeker registration – form prevented incorrect file formats, however this could be bypassed and it was possible to upload .php files or other that may caused hacking. Now fixed
  • Job alert page for subscription did not include Captcha code security verification – now fixed

Download SJS HERE